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United Airlines Advance Purchase Policy

United Airlines Advance Purchase Policy

United Airlines, Inc. is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, beside the Willis Tower. The airline operates a comprehensive domestic and international route network that connects cities large and small across the United States and all six inhabited continents.

Before booking a flight with United Airlines, please read the United Airlines Advance Purchase policy. Please read the following points to learn more about the policy:

  1. Your flight must be booked at least one week in advance.
  2. You must cancel or amend your flight reservation within 24 hours of making it.
  3. You cannot make adjustments if you have a Basic Economy ticket or bought your flight using Money + Miles, but you can cancel for a full refund.
  4. If you buy a separate ticket on another airline or United Airlines that departs sooner than our Minimum Connection Times allow, your luggage will not be checked to the final destination.

If you have any issues with the airline or want to learn more about United Airlines Advance Purchase policy, don't hesitate to contact customer care at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or +1-888-660-0563, and they will do their best to assist you. They will present you with the most important selections. 

What is an advance purchase for airline tickets?

The lower cost of an airline, train, or bus ticket when purchased several days, weeks, or months before the trip: The airline cuts its standard advance purchase tickets by 30 to 50%. In case you are traveling with United Airlines and need to know about United Airlines Advance Purchase policy, then you can read the article mentioned above, or you can contact the airline's customer support for more information.

Can you buy plane tickets in advance?

Buying your tickets beforehand might help you acquire them at a reduced price. The best time to book a domestic flight is between 112 and 21 days before travel. The best time is 54 days ahead of time. Booking 54 days in advance, on the other hand, does not guarantee you the lowest fare. Before booking a reservation, check all websites for the lowest airfare or offers. This is especially handy if your travel dates or destination are adjustable, allowing you to take advantage of any available bargains.

Airlines will periodically notify consumers of sales via their websites or emails. Subscribe to your favorite airlines' newsletters or visit their websites to look for offers, or you can follow them on social media for offers-related options.

How far in advance can you get a refund for a flight?

Although federal regulations demand that these tickets be ordered at least seven days before being refundable, certain airlines will allow you to cancel within 24 hours, even if your trip dates are closer. Please remember that these rules only apply when purchasing a ticket directly from an airline. These regulations do not apply to travel agents or online booking services. They may, though, if they so want. For further information, contact the airline's customer service at their official phone numbers. For more information, you can visit the airlines' official websites, or you can choose to contact the customer service of the respective airlines.

Is it better to buy a plane ticket in advance?

Purchasing an airline ticket ahead of time is frequently a smart option, but whether it is "better" depends on various conditions and considerations. Your circumstances, tastes, and trip intentions determine the "best" time to purchase an airline ticket. Booking in advance is typically recommended if you are definite about your vacation dates and the place is popular. If you value flexibility and are ready to take some chances, you may want to look into last-minute possibilities. To make an educated selection, it's a good idea to track ticket costs over time, establish fare alerts, and gather information related to your selected route and airline.


Before reserving or revoking your journey, kindly peruse the stipulations and provisions presented by United Airlines on their authorized website. To reserve your United Airlines journey in advance, kindly study the United Airlines Advanced Acquisition policy. If you confront any challenges, do not hesitate to get in touch with United Airlines client assistance employing the details provided above; they will strive hard to aid you and provide you with the finest resolutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. United Airlines' advance purchase policy allows passengers to book tickets well in advance, often at lower prices, usually up to 331 days before the flight.

Ans. Yes, but changes might incur fees depending on the fare type. Flexible fare options offer more flexibility without extra charges.

Ans. Generally, advance purchase tickets are non-refundable, but some fare types might allow refunds with applicable fees deducted.

Ans. Refunds for cancellations are subject to the fare rules; some tickets may allow refunds with a cancellation fee.

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