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Delta Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Delta is a significant US airline that flies domestically and internationally.  Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines serves over 50 countries with 300 destinations. Delta Airlines has earned multiple customer service awards for its focus on satisfaction. Pet transfer by air or other methods is regulated by livestock transport regulations. This policy specifies the regulations, limits, and procedures owners must follow to travel dogs safely and ethically. 

Delta also allows pet freight. Delta Airlines' pet Cargo policy is explained below:

  • Delta Airlines exclusively transports pets, excluding therapeutic animals. They cannot enter the cabin. 
  • For domestic flights, dogs must be 10 weeks old. They must be 16 weeks old for international flights.  
  • Pet carriers must meet airline size requirements and keep pets safe. 
  • Delta advises booking your pet's travel early due to limited space.  
  • Know that certain dogs and cats can't travel in the cargo hold for safety reasons.  
  • For a list of breeds that can't travel with Delta Airlines, see their website or contact them. 
  • Pet owners must get their pets all the vaccines and health certifications their destination requires. 
  • The carrier size and destination determine the cost of transporting a pet in the cargo hold.  

For more information about Delta Airlines Pet Cargo Policy,  call Delta Airlines customer service at 1-888-660-0563 or (800) 212-1212. Delta Airlines will assign you an agent who will help you. 

Is Delta accepting pets in cargo? 

Yes,  Delta Airlines allows pets to fly in the cargo hold of their planes. If your pet is too big to fit in a cage under the seat in front of you,  you can ship it with Delta Cargo,  which opens in a new window.  


How much does it cost to ship a pet Delta?

Delta pet shipping costs depend on numerous things. Prices vary from $75 to $750 or more. Size and weight of the pet, travel distance, and additional services or needs affect pricing. Delta provides customised shipping for dogs that need additional care. 

Is Delta strict about pet policy?

Delta Airlines has guidelines for human and animal comfort and safety. Airline cabin pet size and weight limitations are frequently tight. Pets must fit in a kennel that fits under the front seat. These guidelines may vary per aircraft. Pets may be limited in the cabin, so contact Delta Airlines ahead. 

What is the maximum size for Delta pet carriers?

The incredible size of the Delta pet carrier is truly remarkable! It measures a whopping 40 inches in length,  27 inches in width,  and an impressive 30 inches in height. 


The pet cargo policy is created to care for pets during travel and ensure the journey is easy and stress-free for both the pets and their owners. Delta Airlines Pet Cargo Policy offers a reliable and convenient option for travelling with your pets, following the guidelines and requirements ensures that your furry friend will have a comfortable and safe journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. When using Delta Airlines' pet cargo service, specific requirements for pet carriers include secure and well-ventilated containers meeting IATA guidelines, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort during transport. .

Ans. Delta Airlines does not have breed-specific restrictions for pets traveling in the cargo hold, but individual policies may apply depending on local regulations and destination requirements..

Ans. It is essential to contact Delta directly for exact pricing because the cost of shipping your pet in the cargo hold with Delta Airlines varies depending on the size of the pet, the location, and any special service requirements..

Ans. Delta Airlines offers both direct and connecting flights for pets in cargo, but the availability of direct flights may vary depending on your chosen route and destination..

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