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Piedmont Airlines Dog Policy

Piedmont Airlines Dog Policy

Piedmont Carriers, Inc. is an American territorial carrier settled at the Salisbury Local Air terminal in Wicomico Region, Maryland, close to the city of Salisbury. The carrier is an entirely owned subsidiary of the American Carriers Gathering.

Many pet owners believe their pets are family members, and taking the pets at home is not a reasonable choice. If you are planning to run away with your pet on Piedmont Airlines, then you should go through the whole article, and you will discover answers to all your distinct questions, deeming Piedmont Airlines Dog Support Policy.

Are there any issues or queries related to Piedmont Airlines Dog Policy? You can contact Piedmont Airlines customer service at +1-888-660-0563 or 410-572-5100, and they will do their best to help you and provide you with the best solutions possible. 

Traveling with Support Dog on Piedmont Airlines

There are important guidelines when traveling with your support dog on Piedmont Airlines. Firstly, you'll need documentation in the form of a letter from a doctor verifying your need for a support dog.

To make proper arrangements, notify the airline at least 48 hours before your flight. During the journey, your support dog should behave well and not cause any disruptions. Keep your dog on a leash or harness at the airport and during boarding.

Once on the plane, your dog should sit at your feet or lap, not occupy seats or block aisles. Be sure to check for any specific size or weight restrictions that may apply to your support dog.

Piedmont Airlines Required Documentation for Support Dog 

Like many airlines, Piedmont Airlines has specific requirements for passengers traveling with support dogs. To ensure a smooth journey, you'll need to provide certain documentation. 

  • First, you must have a letter from a licensed doctor stating that you have a disability and that your support dog is essential for your well-being during the flight.
  • Additionally, you'll need to ensure your support dog is well-behaved and trained to travel safely. They should be up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • Lastly, contacting Piedmont Airlines in advance is a good idea to inform them of your support dog's presence and to confirm their specific requirements. 
  • Following these rules will help ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey for you and your support dog.

Piedmont Airlines Support Dog Fee 

Like many other airlines, Piedmont Airlines may charge a fee for passengers traveling with support dogs. This fee typically covers the extra services and accommodations required to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for you and your support dog.

Piedmont Airlines Cabin Policy for Support Dog  

Here are some important points that passengers should be aware about Piedmont Airlines Cabin Policy for support dogs: 

  • Well-behaved Behavior: Support dogs must behave calmly and not cause disruptions during the flight.
  • Leash or Harness: Keep your dog on a leash or harness at the airport and during boarding.
  • Seating Location: Your dog should be at your feet or lap during the flight and not occupy seats or block aisles.
  • Documentation: Ensure you have all the required documents and identification for your support dog.
  • Size and Weight: Check with the airline for specific rules regarding your dog's size and weight. 

Details Piedmont Airlines Emotional Support Dog policy

Here, we have mentioned some relevant details about Piedmont Airlines emotional support dog policy: 

  • Documentation: You need an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional to prove your need for an emotional support dog.
  • Advance Notice: Notify the airline at least 48 hours before your flight about your ESA.
  • Behavior: Your emotional support dog must be well-behaved and under control throughout the journey.
  • Leash or Harness: Keep your ESA on a leash or harness while in the airport and during boarding.
  • Seating: Your dog should stay at your feet or lap during the flight, not occupy seats or block aisles.
  • Size and Weight: Check for specific size or weight restrictions with Piedmont Airlines.
  • Cleanliness: You are responsible for cleaning up after your ESA if needed.
  • Health Requirements: Ensure your dog is up-to-date, vaccinated, and in good health.
  • Liability: You are responsible for any damage or harm caused by your emotional support dog.

Do any airlines let you fly with a dog?

 Pets are more than just pets for some people; they assume pets as their family members. Traveling with your furry family member on a flight is imaginable nowadays. 

Numerous airlines permit pets to fly in the cabin as a carry-on. Still, your pets must be sufficiently small to fit comfortably in an approved, ventilated pet carrier that must be seated under the seat before you.

So before flying, you should ensure that your pet is calm in its carrier because, in some cases, pets showing off disruptive behavior can be rejected for boarding.

What are airline requirements for dogs?

When people commenced carrying their pets on trips, numerous airlines formulated certain pet policies. 

So, the prerequisites for the dogs as per their support dog policy are cited below :

  •   Before traveling, pet owners must ensure their pets are immunized and have vaccination records and health certificates before traveling. 
  • Many airlines permit pets to fly in the cabin as a carry-on. Still, your pets must be little enough to accommodate comfortably in an approved, ventilated pet carrier that must be placed under the seat before you.
  • Pet owners should inform distinct airlines before journeying that they will be carrying a dog. It is always a good presumption to be in direct contact with the airline, primarily when bringing a pet since some airlines have constraints on the quantity of animals permitted per flight. 

Can my dog walk around the airport?

Dogs should hang around in their carriers while at the airport, except if they use a pet relief area. If the airport does not have pet relief regions, you and your dog will have to quit the airport and return through security.

On the plane, animal people guarantee that their canine should stay in the transporter consistently. You can't eradicate the creature from the transporter while on the plane. The transporter comprising your canine can go entirely under the seat before you. Your canine should stay in its transporter under the seat before you, however long the outing might last.

How do you fly with a big dog?

Several airlines acknowledge large dogs by holding them in the plane’s cargo. The hold is temperature-controlled and pressurized, so it is a humane method to transport them. For most airlines, pets weighing 17 pounds or more are considered large and must travel in the hold. After the flight, pet owners must also pick up their pet from the airline’s cargo facility, which is located in the airport. 


In this article, we have provided you with all the insights regarding the Piedmont Airlines Support Dog Policy. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, there are usually expenses for flying with a dog on Piedmont Airlines, and the price may change based on the route and the size and weight of the dog; for further information, customers may refer to the airline's tariff schedule .

Ans. Piedmont Airlines' Dog Policy may have specific guidelines regarding the size and breed of dogs allowed, so passengers should review the policy for details before traveling.

Ans. Piedmont Airlines' updated Dog Policy may have changed its stance on emotional support dogs, so passengers should check the latest policy to confirm whether they are still allowed.

Ans. Piedmont Airlines may have a dedicated helpline for urgent matters related to their Dog Policy, and passengers should consult their official website or customer service for the most up-to-date contact information .

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