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American Airlines Dog Policy

American Airlines Dog Policy

The world's biggest airline is American. American Airlines, based in Fort Worth, Texas, offers many local and international flights. The airline was created in 1930 and is now a major aviation company. American Airlines has sought to enhance operations and customer service. American Airlines' reliability and comfort keep it a popular option. The Oneworld partnership enables American Airlines customers to earn and redeem miles on member airlines. 

For emotional support dog travellers, American Airlines has a Support Dog Policy. Essential data concerning American Airlines' Support policy:

  • Dogs must be trained to behave in public and under the owner's authority. 
  • Clean and well-groomed are also required.  
  • A registered mental health expert must sign support dog papers for American Airlines. 
  • Small support dogs must fit on the passenger's lap or in front of the seat. 
  • American Airlines does not accommodate support dogs.  
  • They cannot sit or occupy emergency exit rows.  
  • No eating or drinking on tray tables or using the facilities.  

For more information about American Airlines Support Dog Policy,  call American Airlines customer service at +1-888-660-0563 or (800) 433-7300. American Airlines will assign you an agent who will help you. 

Travelling with Support Dog on American Airlines

Taking a support dog with you on American Airlines can be a pleasant and stress-free experience. American Airlines allows disabled passengers to travel with support animals. Air Carrier Access Act guidelines set by the Department of Transportation govern this process.

  • Your support dog must be accompanied by the necessary documents, such as a letter explaining your need for the animal. 
  • Your support dog should also be well-trained and well-behaved since it will be in a public and confined space. 
  • Be sure to arrive early at the airport on the day of your flight to allow for any additional check-in time needed. 
  • Support dogs are generally expected to stay on the floor or under the seat in front of you during flights, not on the seats or in the aisle. 
  • A leash, harness, and any required identification for your support dog are essential supplies.

American Airlines Required Documentation for Support Dog

American Airlines requires the following documentation for travellers with support dogs:

  1. Support Dog Identification: Your support dog must be properly identified. You will need a valid service animal ID card or a letter from a licensed mental health professional.
  2. Health Certificate: Your support dog must also have a health certificate.
  3. Vaccination Records: Your support dog must have up-to-date vaccination records.
  4. Behaviour and Training Documentation: American Airlines may also require documentation regarding your support dog's behaviour and training.

American Airlines Support Dog Fee

A new policy at American Airlines now covers support animals. Support dogs now require owners to pay a fee. This fee can range from $125 to $175, depending on the flight length. The airline claims that this fee is necessary to cover additional cleaning required for support dogs.

American Airlines Cabin Policy for Support Dog

Support dogs are subject to a clear and concise cabin policy at American Airlines. They are mentioned below:

  • Support dogs are allowed in the cabin free of charge if they meet certain requirements. 
  • Support dogs must be trained to do specific tasks or assist disabled individuals. 
  • Tasks can include retrieving items, alerting to sounds or dangers, or providing emotional support.
  • Support dogs must be requested at least 48 hours before a flight by contacting American Airlines Reservations.

Details American Airlines Emotional Support Dog policy

A new policy has been implemented by American Airlines regarding the transportation of emotional support animals. They are mentioned below:

  • Passengers travelling with emotional support dogs will need to adhere to the same guidelines and requirements as those travelling with pets. 
  • Depending on the destination, a pet fee may be required.
  • Additionally, emotional support dogs are subject to certain restrictions on travelling in a plane cabin. 
  • The carrier must fit under the seat for emotional support dogs.
  • There will be a limit on the number of dogs allowed on the flight.

Does American Airlines accept emotional support?

  • American Airlines allows emotional support dogs. However, some rules must be observed.  
  • The dog should be well-trained in public. 
  • Support dogs should fit on the passenger's lap or under the seat in front of them.  
  • An emotional support animal dog requires a letter from a registered mental health practitioner indicating its necessity.  
  • This paperwork must be supplied 48 hours before flying.  
  • American Airlines also demands dog kennels or carriers. 

Can an airline deny an emotional support dog?

Even if more travellers want to fly with their pets, airlines may still ban emotional support dogs. ESA regulations differ per airline. Mental health professionals may need early warning or evidence from airlines. If an emotional support dog is misbehaving or hostile, American Airlines may reject it. Read the American Airlines Assistance Dog Policy to travel comfortably with your assistance dog.

How do I take my dog on a plane with ESA? 

You should follow these measures to fly with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).  

  • First, verify that your airline allows ESAs. Each airline has policies and regulations. 
  • Make sure your ESA is well-trained and mannered. It will simplify travel for both of you.  
  • An ESA requires a letter from a qualified mental health practitioner. Make sure this letter is from last year.  
  • Follow airline instructions for additional papers or forms.

What questions do American Airlines ask about service dogs?

American Airlines asks important questions while travelling with a service dog to guarantee passenger comfort and safety. Some are listed below:

1. Is the dog a trained service animal?

2. What specific tasks or work does the dog perform?

3. Is the dog leashed,  harnessed,  or otherwise under control?

4. Can the dog fit at your feet,  under the seat,  or on your lap?

5. Does the dog display any aggressive or disruptive behaviour?

6. Has the dog had any recent accidents or incidents?

7. Is the dog clean and properly groomed?

8. Does the dog pose any safety risks to other passengers or crew members?

9. Does the dog have the necessary documentation or verification as a service animal?


American Airlines has a clear support dog policy. While allowed on flights,  passengers must ensure they meet all the requirements and comply with the airline's guidelines. American Airlines Support Dog Policies are made for their passenger's safety. You should read them above to avail yourself of a smooth journey and services. Stay Safe. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. American Airlines' Dog Policy outlines rules and procedures for passengers traveling with dogs, including guidelines for dog behavior and documentation requirements, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for both passengers and their canine companions. .

Ans. Yes, American Airlines' Dog Policy may have specific guidelines regarding the size and breed of dogs allowed, so it's important to check their policy for details before traveling. .

Ans. You will typically need to submit paperwork, such as health records, immunization records, and an acknowledgment form for your dog's behavior, in order to bring a dog on an American Airlines flight. However, particular specifications may differ, so make sure to review the airline's policies..

Ans. Yes, American Airlines frequently charges a fee for carrying a dog in the cabin. The amount may change based on the route taken, the size, and the weight of the dog; customers can consult the airline's tariff schedule for more information..

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