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SkyWest Airlines Pet Policy

SkyWest Airlines Pet Policy

SkyWest Airlines, Inc. is an American regional airline headquartered in St. George, Utah. That’s because of its large fleet and people-carrying capacity as well as the number of places it flies to – it actually IS one of North America’s biggest airlines. Taking your pet along on a trip can be a blast, but prepare well to avoid hitches. SkyWest Airlines understands the significance of a healthy pet. That’s why they made sure their SkyWest Airlines Pet Policy keeps in mind your pets’ requirements. Here is the SkyWest Airlines pet policy:

  • Both the main cabin and the luggage hold are pet-friendly. 
  • Each flight can only accommodate one large kennel or two small or medium pet kennels. 
  • Giant or extra-large kennels are not permitted. In-cabin crates should typically have soft sides and fit under the seat in front of you. 
  • Pet must be in the kennel at the airport during all flight stages, including boarding and deplaning. 
  • The largest kennel size reserved for pets traveling as checked baggage is one large kennel or two small or medium kennels per aircraft. 

Call SkyWest Airlines' customer support at +1-888-660-0563 or (800) 335-2247 can help you plan your trip or answer questions about its pet policy. They will try their hardest to help and offer the best solutions. 

SkyWest Airline Pet Carrier Requirements

  • You should be able to fit the container under the seat.
  • The pet must be inside the container during the flight.
  • Your pet cannot sit on a seat.
  • When transporting your pet as checked baggage, you can bring one large or two medium-sized containers.
  • The container's maximum dimensions are 36×25×27 inches.

SkyWest Airline Emotional Support Animal Policy

Passengers should be aware of SkyWest's policy regarding emotional support animals (ESAs).

  • Documentation stating the passenger's need for the animal must be completed by a licensed mental health professional. 
  • At least 48 hours before the flight, documentation must be submitted.
  • SkyWest accepts dogs, cats, and miniature horses as pets. 
  • The animals, however, must always be under the control of their owners when in public settings. 
  • It is the passenger's responsibility to care for, supervise, and clean up after their animals during flight.
  • Emotional support animals are not permitted to display aggressive or disruptive behavior. The animal may need to be transported in a kennel instead of sitting with the passenger. 
  • Animals that pose a threat to other passengers' safety or health may be refused transportation by SkyWest.

How to Add a Pet to Your Flight with SkyWest Airline

  • Reservations should be contacted at least 48 hours in advance
  • Bring your official orders to the ticket counter for check-in
  • Check-in at least 2 hours before your flight and no later than 4 hours before.
  • Consult an agent about the checklist
  • An official health certificate should be provided

SkyWest Airline pet form.

The SkyWest Airlines pet form can now be submitted online! You can easily submit all the necessary details for traveling with your beloved pets through Southwest Airlines convenient online portal.

  • Go to the "Traveling with Pets" section of Southwest Airlines' website to access the pet form submission page.
  • The online pet form submission page can be found there.
  • You can enter your contact information, flight details, and pet information on the form.
  • We will provide you and your pet with a smooth travel experience if you complete this form in advance.

SkyWest Airline Pet Fee and Document Requirements

Southwest Airlines can provide you with the appropriate document requirements for your pet's type and destination. The following are some examples of standard documents:

  • Health certificate.
  • Vaccination reports.
  • Pet passports.

Skywest Airlines in Cabin Pet Policy

A number of specifics from SkyWest must be met in addition to the requirements set by your partner airline. For the duration of your flight and boarding process, pets traveling in the cabin must remain inside their carriers underneath the seat in front of you. Fees for this service vary based on your flight details.

Which Airline allows pet travel?

Many airlines allow pets to travel if they remain in a carrier small enough to fit beneath the seat before you for the flight. Several airlines permit pets as carry-ons, including SkyWest, Frontier, Southwest, Alaska, United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Spirit, and Alaska. 

What Airline does not accept pets?

When traveling with pets, checking with the Airline's pet-friendly policies is essential. While many airlines allow pets, a few have restrictions. IndiGo, Vistara, AirAsia, Southwest Airlines, Jet Airways, and South African Airways are such airlines. These Airlines do not allow pets to travel on their flights, except for service animals. You cannot bring your dog, cat, or other animals on board as carry-on or checked baggage. 

Can I board a plane with my pet?

Yes, you can board a plane with your pet, but there are specific rules and requirements that you need to follow.  

  • You must check the Airline's pet policy to ensure they allow pets. Some airlines have specific policies regarding the types of pets allowed and the size or weight restrictions.  
  • Please make a reservation for your pet as early as possible, as most airlines have limited pet seats on their flights.  
  • Ensure your pet meets all the necessary health and vaccination requirements. Many airlines require a health certificate or documentation from a veterinarian to ensure the pet is fit to fly.  
  • Preparing a comfortable and secure travel carrier for your pet is essential.  

Is Jetblue pet policy strict?

Yes, JetBlue's pet policy is stringent. According to their guidelines, only small dogs and cats are permitted as cabin companions. There is a limit to the number of pets allowed per flight, and the pet must be in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. JetBlue charges a fee per pet and requires a reservation.


It is possible to board a plane with your pet, but you need to be aware of and comply with the specific rules and requirements set by the Airline. I hope you read the pet policy and particular practices and conditions made by SkyWest airline companies to travel with your pets.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, as long as they adhere to certain criteria set forth by the airline, SkyWest Airlines permits small pets to fly in the cabin with their owners..

Ans. Typically, the combined weight of the pet and carrier shouldn't be more than 20 pounds (9 kg). The carrier must easily fit underneath the seat in front of you..

Ans. SkyWest Airlines does not have breed limitations for animals traveling in the cabin, although different airports and states might. .

Ans. It is essential to contact SkyWest Airlines or the mainline carrier for the exact price as the pet fee varies depending on the airline operating the aircraft..

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