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Hawaiian Airlines Dog Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Dog Policy


Honolulu-based Hawaiian Airlines is Hawaii's flag carrier. It flies to North America, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Since 1929, the airline has offered great service. Hawaiian Airlines is noted for its "Spirit of Aloha" hospitality. Support dogs in airlines are trained to help people with disabilities or mental health issues fly. These canines soothe and accompany their owners during flight travel. Support dogs are covered by Hawaiian Airlines. Some are listed below:

  • The standards only acknowledge dogs as support animals.  
  • The animal must be taught to help a disabled passenger with a task. 
  • If travelling with an assistance dog, passengers must notify the airline 48 hours in advance. 
  • The dog must stay on the floor before the passenger's seat and not obstruct aisles.  
  • The passenger must tether or leash the dog during the flight.  
  • Hawaiian Airlines may reject service to assistance dogs who are violent, badly trained, or endanger passengers or personnel. 

For more information about Hawaiian Airlines Support Dog Policy, call Hawaiian Airlines customer service at +1-888-660-0563 or (800) 367-5320. Hawaiian Airlines will assign you an agent who will help you. 

Travelling with Support dog on Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines requires advanced planning if you are travelling with a service dog. As you book your flight, keep this information in mind.

  • Tell the Hawaiian Airlines ticket agent about your dog when booking your flight. You may need to repeat this information to the airport agents before boarding the plane. 
  • During the flight, Hawaiian Airlines requires service animals to sit at their feet. Choose a seat at the front of the aircraft where you will have more legroom and no other passengers in front of you. 
  • Complete all required documents when booking the flight. Hawaiian Airlines recommends completing the US DOT Service Animal Form 48 hours before your flight departs. On the day of your trip, bring a hard copy of your ticket to the ticket counter if your flight leaves in less than 48 hours.
  • The behaviour of service dogs in public settings should be appropriate. Hawaiian Airlines expects ESAs to remain calm and leashed at your feet. The passenger area does not allow dogs that would otherwise run around the cabin, bark at other passengers, or destroy the plane. PSDs who behave disruptively at the departure gate may be denied boarding by Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Hawaii has strict guidelines for animal travel. Get all certificates before the deadlines by reviewing the state regulations before planning your trip. 

Hawaiian Airlines Required Documentation for Support Dog

  • A valid animal health certificate must be obtained two weeks before departure.
  • Additionally, animals arriving at the Oahu airport must go to the animal quarantine facility. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture requires a Neighbor Island Inspection Permit if you fly directly to any other airport in Hawaii.
  • Hawaii has strict rules for bringing pets and service dogs. To avoid the 120-day state quarantine, review this process early.

Hawaiian Airlines Support Dog Fee

  • Pet travel costs vary depending on where you are travelling and where your pet rides.
  • Travel fees for pets on inter-island flights between Hawaiian islands are $35 in the cabin and $60 in the luggage compartment.
  • On flights between North America and Hawaii, pets are charged $125 in the cabin and $225 for the luggage compartment.

Hawaiian Airlines Cabin Policy for Support Dog

 Passengers with service animals are allowed to accompany them in the cabin without providing documentation if there is no credible verbal assurance of the animal's status. Make sure you have all documentation for your service animal on hand in case it is requested. Passengers can keep their service animals on the floor in front of them or their laps during flights. Seats, aisles, and emergency exit rows may be occupied by someone other than them. Service animals must have good behaviour throughout the flight. Animals may be removed if they behave badly by running around, urinating, growling, barking, or posing any threat to other passengers.

Details Hawaiian Airlines Emotional Support Dog policy

It is acceptable for service animals to have credible verbal assurances that they are trained in specific skills and tasks. In the absence of verbal assurance, a credible written letter or evidence can also be submitted. For support animals, Hawaiian Airlines has an Emotional Support Animal form that must be filled out. You can also submit other documents if you wish.

Can you fly with an emotional support dog to Hawaii?

Yes, emotional support dogs may travel to Hawaii. Hawaii restricts animal imports to avoid disease spread. Hawaii requires emotional support dog owners to obey state laws. This includes a vet's certificate, a healthy dog, and quarantine.   

How do you qualify for an emotional support animal in Hawaiian Airlines?

Certain requirements must be met to qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA) in Hawaiian Airlines.  

  • First, you must be diagnosed with a DSM-listed mental condition. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD are examples.  
  • A qualified mental health practitioner must certify that you have a disability and need an ESA.  
  • The letter should include your diagnosis, treatment duration, and need for ESA flight accompaniment.  
  • Additionally, the letter should be from last year. An Animal Behavior and Veterinary Health Form from the airline must also be completed.  
  • Submit these forms 48 hours before your flight.  
  • Hawaiian Airlines does not accept snakes, rodents, or spiders as support animals.  

How much does Hawaiian Airlines charge for dogs?

Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee of $125 each way for dogs travelling in the cabin. 

What airlines allow dogs in cabins from Hawaii?

Several Hawaii airlines allow dogs in cabins. Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines. However, each airline has different dog-travelling restrictions. Contacting the airline directly for the latest policy and limitations is recommended.  


Hawaiian Airlines allows support dogs to travel with passengers who meet their criteria and provide proper documentation. By following the guidelines set forth by the airline, passengers can travel comfortably and enjoy a stress-free flight with their support dog.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The Hawaiian Airlines Support Dog Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for passengers traveling with support dogs, including service dogs and emotional support animals..

Ans. Hawaiian Airlines typically does not charge additional fees for traveling with support dogs. However, it's advisable to check the airline's current policy as fees and regulations may change..

Ans. Hawaiian Airlines typically does not charge additional fees for traveling with support dogs. However, it's advisable to check the airline's current policy as fees and regulations may change. .

Ans. Yes, in most cases, support dogs are allowed to sit with their owners in the cabin. However, they must remain under control and within the owner's designated seating area throughout the flight. .

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