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Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Most commercial flights to and from Hawaii are operated by Hawaiian Airlines.  The airline's headquarters are in Hawaii,  and the airline ranks as the tenth-largest commercial airline in the United States.  If you are planning your trip with Hawaiian Airlines and want to take your pet with you,  but your pet is big enough and can not take it with you,  you can send it in cargo to Hawaiian Airlines as they allow birds,  cats and dogs in cargo.  Before you send your pet in cargo,  you read Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy; otherwise,  the airline will not let you board the pet,  and the bet will be sent back to the sender's address. 

Please read the policies given below for more information:

  1. You must make a booking for your pet as the airline accepts only a limited number of animals in cargo.  The person shipping the animal must make the booking. 
  2. The shipper must provide valid pet details and a health certificate from a recognized veterinarian for the pet's safe travel. 
  3. The pet must be 8 weeks old or above to be shipped in the cargo. 
  4. The size of your pet's carrier must be at most 48 x 32 x 35,  and your pet must be at most 125 kgs,  including the carrier in which you ship your pet. 
  5. The carrier must be leak proof,  and the pet must be able to move comfortably inside the carrier. 
  6. The carrier must have 2 bowls attached with the carrier,  one for food and one for water. 
  7. In case of a delayed flight,  please attach a bag of spare dry food for your pet above the carrier.

If you face any issues while shipping your pet,  you can contact Hawaiian Airlines customer support at 1-888-660-0563 Or 1-800-367-5320,  and they will do their best to help you. 

How much does Hawaiian Airlines charge for dogs?

To safely ship your dog,  you must pay 225$.  Or if you are planning to take your pet to the cabin,  you must pay 125$.  Make sure you make a prior arrangement for your dog by contacting the airlines,  as the airlines only allow limited animals in cargo and cabins.  Ensure you reаd the best policies for cabin and cargo pets.  You can read the Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy mentioned above if you plan to ship your pet. 

Can pets fly in cabins from Hawaii?

Yes,  pets can fly in cabins from Hawaii.  Ensure you reаd the pet policies the airlines provide on their official website.  Hawaiian Airlines is strict with their policies,  so make sure the size of your carrier should not exceed 16" long x 10" wide x 9. 5",  and your pet's weight,  including the carrier,  should not exceed 11 kgs.  If you do not follow the guidelines,  the airlines have all the rights to shift your pet in cargo,  and you must pay any additional charges. 

Which airline is allowing pets in cargo?

American Airlines,  Air Canada,  Delta Airlines,  KLM Airlines,  Lufthansa,  British Airways and Hawaiian Airlines are the only airlines that allow your pet to travel in cargo.  Ensure you read all the policies and terms and conditions the airlines provide on their official websites.  Suppose you are planning to ship your pet in cargo with Hawaiian Airlines,  then make sure you read Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy before you mаke the shipment.  

How do I fly my pet to Hawaii?

If you plan to travel with your pet to Hawaii,  then you carry your pet's vaccination certificate from the authorized veterinarian.  Keep your pet inside the allowed carrier,  which must be leakproof and adequately ventilated to be carried іn the cabin.  If you are planning to ship your pet to Hawaii,  then make sure you read Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy before you mаke the shipment.  You can read about it in the head оf the content mentioned above.  Please read all the terms and conditions provided by the airlines on their official website. 


Before planning your travel with Hawaiian Airlines,  make sure you read all the terms and conditions provided by the airline on their official website,  and if you want to take your pet with you,  make sure you read Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo Policy for the safe travel of your pet.  Suppose you face any issues related to that or you need help related to anything.  In that case,  you can contact Hawaiian Airlines customer support at the information above,  and they will do their best to help you and provide you with the best solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Hawaiian Airlines allows pets to travel as cargo. You need to contact their Cargo department for specific details regarding pet cargo policies, including requirements and fees.

Ans. Typically, you'll need health certificates, proof of vaccinations, and other documentation for your pet's cargo travel. Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork by consulting Hawaiian Airlines Cargo in advance.

Ans. Inform the airline in advance about any special medical requirements. Hawaiian Airlines accommodates pets with special needs to the best of their abilities.

Ans. Pets receive water regularly during the flight. However, feeding times might vary. It’s advisable to consult the airline staff for detailed information.

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