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Delta Airlines Seat Assignment Policy

Delta Airlines Seat Assignment Policy

Major American airline Delta Air Lines is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is well-known for its wide worldwide network and dedication to customer satisfaction. With a fleet mostly made up of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Delta offers connections to locations all over the world. The airline expanded its worldwide reach and offered seamless connections to customers by becoming a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance. Travelers looking for a blend of Comfort, convenience, and a wide variety of destinations continue to choose Delta Air Lines because of its stellar reputation for operational dependability, excellent customer service, and an extensive reward program. While booking or canceling your flight with the airline, if you need assistance, you can feel free to contact the airline's customer staff at (800) 212-1212 or +1-888-660-0563 .

As you book your ticket with the airline and when you choose your preferred seat after or while making the booking, make sure you read Delta Airlines Seat Assignment Policy. To know more about the airline's seat assignment policy, please read the below-mentioned points carefully:

  1. No refund for the initial purchase will be given if a client chooses to modify their flight or seat after making a purchase. 
  2. For operational, security, or safety reasons, the airline reserves the right to reassign your upgraded seat at any time, even after the aircraft has taken off. 
  3. The final decision resides with the ground staff and the operating crew on the day of the flight. 
  4. Customers who are reallocated but are not transferred to a higher or equivalent seat will get refunds.
  5. Until you have proof that your payment was received and processed, there is no contract.
  6. Delta does not refund seat selection fees for voluntary changes to flights or seat selection. 

Delta Seat Assignment Fee

There are a number of seat assignment choices available with Delta Air Lines, and costs may apply based on the type of ticket, seat category, and itinerary.

Basic Economy: Payment for a seat assignment is available seven days prior to departure. A seat typically costs between $15 and $30.

Main Cabin: Unless Comfort + or Preferred is purchased, seating is free.

Delta Medallion Members are free to ask for upgrades to Preferred Seats. Purchases of Preferred Seats qualify SkyMiles Members for mile accumulation. 

When you choose your preferred seat after or while making the booking.

Delta Airlines Seat Assignment Works.

If you have not selected your seats with the airlines, then after check-in, seats are assigned by Delta Air Lines. The seat will be assigned at the gate before boarding if the seat number is not shown on the boarding pass. When booking, passengers can choose their seats using the seat map available next to the seat selection option. By selecting their seat in advance, travelers can sit with their family members or friends. Basic economy tickets have the most restrictions, including seat selection. Basic economy ticket holders are not allowed to choose their seats. Rather, upon check-in, a seat is assigned at random. 

Beginning seven days before travel, passengers can purchase a seat assignment. Typically, each seat costs between 15$ to $30 dollars. Moreover, throughout the 24-hour period prior to departure, passengers are permitted to switch to any available seats. As you book your ticket with the airline and when you choose your preferred seat after or while making the booking. 

Ticket Types And Seat Assignment Rules

Delta Air Lines offers six travel classes. Delta Comfort+, Main Cabin, Domestic First Class, Premium Select, Basic Economy, and Delta One. Some tickets may be nonrefundable and may not include seat selection. In addition, Delta offers four elite status tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. By traveling and spending a certain amount of money in a single year, you can obtain status, which you will maintain for the next year. As you book your ticket with the airline and when you choose your preferred seat after or while making the booking, make sure you read Delta Airlines Seat Assignment Policy. 

There are some rules and regulations provided by the airlines for the seat Assignment. Please read the following information carefully.

  1. Seats are randomly assigned after check-in for basic economy tickets.
  2. You can pay for a seat assignment starting seven days before departure. 
  3. You can select your seat during booking.
  4. No seat assignments are allowed until after check-in is done.
  5. No changes are allowed once you have selected your preferred seat.
  6. Cancelable for partial credit.
  7. Once you choose your seat, the seats are not eligible for upgrades.
  8. The seats are non refundable and non-changeable.

Seat Assignment with Delta During The Booking

By giving customers the option to choose their seats during the reservation process, Delta Airlines enables them to have a more customized and relaxing journey. Delta customers have the choice to select their desired seats at the time of booking. This function is available in all cabin classes, including First Class and Basic Economy. 

Passengers can select seats by following these steps: 

  1. Go to the Delta Airlines website at  
  2. Log in to your account with your valid details.
  3. Select the My Trips option.
  4. Search for your flight and click on it.
  5. Click on the Choose seats option.
  6. Choose your preferred seat.
  7. Pay any fees if applicable.

Delta Airlines Seating Arrangement Options 

To provide a customized travel experience, Delta Airlines provides a wide selection of seating arrangement options to accommodate the diverse tastes and demands of its guests. Seat assignments in the budget-conscious Basic Economy class are normally made at the time of check-in; however, for an additional charge, customers can purchase advanced assignments, which gives them more freedom to select certain seats.

The Main Cabin, also known as Standard Economy, offers free refreshments and entertainment in addition to a comfortable ride. Passengers may be able to choose seats at no cost during check-in, or they may choose advanced seat assignments for a more customized experience, depending on the price, class, and itinerary.

First-class customers usually get free advanced seat assignments, which guarantees a deluxe and customized travel experience. First Class has large seats, first-rate meal selections, and exclusive services that elevate luxury to a new level. 

Note: While booking, passengers have the option to choose their seats; however, the price changes according to the trip. Typically, selecting a seat costs $15 or more. Additionally, travelers can wait until the 24-hour check-in window opens before transferring to any free seats that may still be available. Make sure you read Delta Airlines Seat Assignment Policy before you select your preferred seat with the airline.

How Can I Contact Customer Care At Delta Airlines?

If you face any issues while booking or canceling your flight with Delta Airlines or you need assistance regarding anything else related to the airline and are looking for How can I contact customer care at Delta Airlines, then you can get in touch with the airline's customer support via different methods. Please read the below-mentioned ways to know more.

Via contact number:

  1. Dial (800) 212-1212 or +1-888-660-0563 to reach Delta Airlines customer service.
  2. Pay close attention to the IVR's directions.
  3. To get updates on your baggage complaints, press 1.
  4. To speak with the representative, press 2.
  5. To receive updates on your most recent reservations, press 3.
  6. To find out more about the status of your refund, press 4.
  7. To return to the main menu, press *.

Via airport:

  1. Visit the airport as early as possible so that you can avoid standing in the long queue.
  2. Go to Delta airline's ticket counter.
  3. Tell them all the issues that you have, and they will assign an agent to you accordingly.
  4. They will do their best to assist you and will provide the best solutions accordingly.

Via social media:

You can get in touch with Delta Airlines customer service by using their social media handles. You can contact them via their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Tell them all the issues that you have, and they will do their best to respond on time and provide the solutions accordingly. Please refer to the links mentioned below to visit the official pages of the airline's social media handles. 




Via live chat:

  1. Visit the airline's official website at
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us option.
  3. On the next page, click on the chat icon available in the right-hand corner.
  4. Once you tap on that, you will be required to fill in your login details.
  5. After logging in successfully, an agent will be assigned to you.
  6. Tell them all the issues that you have, and they will do their best to assist you accordingly.

Via email address:

If you can not reach Delta Airlines' customer support via their contact number, then you can write an email to Delta Airlines customer service. Please send them your email at  Make sure you write all your questions and concerns in a single email and send it via your valid email address. Please wait patiently for their response, as it might take the airline's customer staff 7 to 8 days to review and respond to your complaint. Tell them all the issues that you have, and they will do their best to respond and assist you with the best solutions accordingly.

How can I connect with someone at Delta Airlines?

If you have any issues related to the airlines and need assistance related to that, you can feel free to contact the airlines via different channels. You can contact them via their official contact number, or you can simply visit them at the airport and ask for assistance related to your queries. Other alternatives are their official email address, social media accounts, and their live chat option. You can tell them all your issues, and they will do their best to respond and assist you with the best solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. To choose your seat on Delta Airlines, you can select preferred seats during the booking process or later through the Manage My Booking option on the airline's website or the airline's official app..

Ans. Delta Airlines allows passengers to select seats during the booking process or later through the Manage My Booking option available on their official website. Seat selection may be complimentary or incur a fee, depending on factors like fare class, loyalty status, and other considerations. .

Ans. Yes, you can change your seat assignment on Delta Airlines. You can view, select, or change your seat in our seat map when booking, in My Trips, and during check-in. .

Ans. On Delta flights, choosing a seat usually costs $15 or more. However, the price varies based on the type of ticket you purchase and is periodically adjusted. For more updates, feel free to contact Delta customer service. .

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