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Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy

Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy

Piedmont Airlines is one of the American regional airlines; it has its headquarters in Maryland.If you are planning your travel with Piedmont Airlines and want to take your pet with you, then read Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy. To know more about Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy, please read the points given below so that you can travel with your pet without any issues:

  1. Piedmont Airlines allows only cats and dogs on their plane.
  2. Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated, and please carry the vaccination certificate with you while you check in at the airport.
  3. It would be best to carry your pet in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you.
  4. Ensure your pet moves comfortably inside the carrier, which must be fully ventilated and leakproof.
  5. It would be best to keep your pet inside the carrier throughout the journey. You can not take the pet out for the safety of other passengers.
  6. Please make a reservation beforehand for your pet and reach the airport 2-3 hours before your scheduled flight.

Are there any issues or queries related to Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy? You can contact Piedmont Airlines customer service at +1-888-660-0563 or 410-572-5100, and they will do their best to help you and provide you with the best solutions possible. 


Piedmont Airlines Pet Carrier Requirements 

You must know the pet carrier criteria airlines allow while transporting your pet. The size and dimensions of the carrier must be 9 x 16 x 19 according to Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy. Pets must be transported in a kennel or travel container large enough for the animal to spin completely around, with no portion of the animal contacting the kennel's top. The bottom of the kennel must be lined with absorbent material. For the duration of the trip, food and water (ideally in the form of ice) must be given to the pet. The dispensers for food and water should be mounted to the inside of the kennel door.


Piedmont Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy 

Piedmont Airlines, an American Airlines Group wholly-owned subsidiary, adheres to the American Airlines Group's emotional support animal policy. However, Piedmont Airlines' policies regarding emotional support animals have changed significantly recently. These modifications are primarily the result of the United States Department of Transportation's updated regulations regulating service and emotional support animals on flights. 

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) published new guidelines that clarify the word "service animal" and exclude emotional support animals from the definition of service animals under the Air Carrier Access Act. Airlines such as American Airlines and its subsidiaries, notably Piedmont Airlines, have changed their rules to reflect this.

  1. Emotional support animals are often classified as pets under these new restrictions. 
  2. Passengers who desire to fly with their pets, including previous emotional support animals, may incur pet costs and must adhere to the airline's pet travel restrictions. 
  3. These regulations may include pet carrier requirements, fees, and limits on the size and type of pets permitted in the cabin.
  4. Make sure you read Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy before you plan your travel with your pet. For further information, you can contact the airline's customer support at +1-888-660-0563 or 410-572-5100. They will do their best to help you out.


Guidelines for Traveling with Service Pets on Piedmont Airlines 

Piedmont Airlines, an American Airlines subsidiary, adheres to US Department of Transportation requirements while transporting service animals. Passengers traveling with service animals must provide proof of the animal's service status. During the flight, the service animal must be under control and well-behaved. Although emotional support animals are no longer designated assistance animals, travelers may travel with them in accordance with Piedmont's pet travel policy, which may include costs and carrier restrictions. Before you fly with your pet, read Piedmont Airlines' Pet Policy. 

Piedmont Airlines Pet Fee and Document Requirements 

Piedmont Airlines, being an American Airlines subsidiary, typically adheres to American Airlines' pet travel restrictions and prices. American Airlines levies a pet fee of $120 per flight. Document requirements for pet travel often include a health certificate provided by a veterinarian within a particular duration before the trip, as well as ensuring that your pet is up to date on needed immunizations. 

Piedmont Airlines in Cabin Pet Policy

Make sure you read Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy before you plan your travel with your pet. To know more about it, please read the steps mentioned below:

  1. Piedmont Airlines only permits cats and dogs on board flights.
  2. Please ensure that your pet is completely vaccinated and bring the vaccination certificate with you when you check in at the airport.
  3. It is recommended to transport your pet in a carrier that fits beneath the front seat.
  4. Ensure your pet can move freely within the carrier and is well-ventilated and leakproof.
  5. Throughout the trip, you must keep your pet inside the container. You cannot take the pet out for the other passengers' safety.
  6. Please make a reservation for your pet and be at the airport 2-3 hours before your scheduled departure.

Which airline allows pet travel?

If you want to plan your travel with your pet and know which airlines allow that, many airlines allow pet travel. Southwest, Alaska, United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Spirit, Frontier, PSA, and Piedmont are some airlines. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the airlines provided by them on their official website. Read all the pet policies the airlines provide so you can travel with your pet hassle-free.

Is there a weight limit for dogs on an airplane?

Yes, all the airlines have weight limits for pets. Your pet must weigh at most 9 kgs, including the carrier, to travel on board with you. If the kg exceeds, the airlines have all the rights to shift your pets to cargo; you must pay for that. Contact your airline's customer care if you need clarification about their policies. If you are planning your travel with Piedmont Airlines, you can read Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy mentioned above and contact their customer care for further details.

Do dogs fly free on any airlines?

No, dogs can not fly for free on any airline. Only service dogs are allowed to travel for free. As mentioned in the respective airline's guidelines, you must pay a specific amount to travel with your pets. Ensure you read pet policies and terms and conditions mentioned on the airlines' official page for your pet's safety. If your pet does not meet the T&C of the airlines, then the airlines have all the right not to allow your pet on board.

What airline does not accept pets?

Before planning your trip with your pet, ensure you get information related to whether you can take your pet with you on the respective airlines or not. Many airlines, like IndiGo, Vistara, AirAsia, Fiji Airways, South African Airways, Azul Airlines, and Jetstar Airways, don't allow pets to travel on board. They only allow service and guide dogs.


Before planning your trip with Piedmont Airlines, read Piedmont Airlines Pet Policy and the terms and conditions provided by the airlines on their official website. Many airlines do and do not allow pets on board. Contact the respective airlines' customer service before you plan your trip. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Piedmont Airlines normally requires that pets traveling in the cabin weigh less than 20 pounds and fit comfortably in a carrier that can slide beneath the seat in front of you..

Ans. You usually need to book a pet's ticket through Piedmont Airlines' customer service or reservations department as it cannot be done online..

Ans. Piedmont Airlines does not have specific breed restrictions for pets flying; however, individual breed-specific regulations may apply depending on your destination. .

Ans. Service animals traveling with Piedmont Airlines must comply with federal regulations, including remaining under their owner's control at all times and being properly harnessed or leashed..

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