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Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines, a well-known American carrier founded in 1924, utilizes an expansive global network connecting passengers to varied destinations. It caters to various passenger preferences by offering diverse travel classes such as Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Comfort, and Delta One. 

As per Delta Airlines Pet Policy, passengers can bring small cats, dogs, and household birds to travel in the cabin. However, they should remain in a small, ventilated pet carrier that accommodates under the seat before you. By and large, Delta Airlines suggests a soft-sided kennel with dimensions 18 in x 11 in x 11 in, as it fits most airplanes. A health certificate, vaccination certification, and additional documentation may be mandated depending upon your destination. The pet owner is responsible for investigating and conforming to certain documentation prerequisites of the destination. So stay with us till the end, and you will get solutions to all your distinct questions considering Delta Airlines Pet Policy.

For additional information about Delta Airlines Pet Policy, please contact customer service at +1-888-660-0563 or +1 (800) 221-1212. Delta Airlines will provide you with assistance.

Is Delta strict about pet policy?

Delta Airlines has distinct guidelines to guarantee the security and comfort of passengers and pets. The airline is normally strict about the size and weight of pets in the cabin. Pets should be accommodated easily in a kennel that can be put under the seat before you. Nevertheless, these guidelines might differ depending on the aircraft. The number of pets in the cabin may be fixed, so reaching Delta Airlines in advance is suggested.

What size dog can fly on Delta?

The pet's weight (including carrier/kennel) should not surpass 18 lb / 8 kg so that your pet prefers to sit, stand, turn around, and lie comfortably inside the carrier or container. Your dog might be between 10 weeks and a half years old; it should also be comfortably in the container. 

Can my dog sit on my lap on Delta?

Your flight determines the maximum dimensions of a carry-on kennel, and all pets on a Delta flight must fit into a pet carrier or kennel. Please get in touch with Delta Reservations to determine the proper kennel size. Pets should be transported inside a soft-sided carrier to fit on most Delta aircraft.

Can I take a 25 lb dog on a plane?

Travelers should recognize that options for flying in the cabin change, undoubtedly relying upon your dog's weight and size. Meanwhile, multiple airlines accept small dogs weighing up to 20 pounds. Pets under 25 pounds can sit in a carrier on their proprietor's lap on by-the-seat flights for $95.Extra seats should be purchased for dogs that weigh more than 25 pounds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, you can bring your pet on Delta Airlines flights, but specific rules and restrictions apply, so it's important to review Delta's pet policy before traveling.

Ans. Delta Airlines typically accepts dogs and cats as pets, but they may have specific rules for other animals, so it's essential to check their pet policy for details.

Ans. Yes, there are size and weight restrictions on pets that can fly in the cabin with Delta Airlines. It's important to verify their policies for your specific pet.

Ans. You should get in touch with Delta Airlines' specialist pet travel service or reservations division to complete the appropriate arrangements and confirm availability if you want to book a flight for your pet.

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