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American Airlines Advance Purchase Policy

American Airlines Advance Purchase Policy

American Airlines is a prominent US airline based in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is the world's largest airline regarding scheduled passengers carried and revenue passenger mile. Please read the American Airlines Advance Purchase policy before booking a flight with them. To learn more about the policy, please read the following points: 

  1. You have till 2 hours before departure to book.
  2. If your flight departs in less than 2 hours, please head to the airport ticket counter.
  3. A flight may be booked on up to 331 days in advance. On, you may book up to 6 persons in a single reservation.
  4. Partially used tickets: Tickets for remaining travel segments are eligible for transportation for one year from the date of purchase.
  5. If you buy a separate ticket on another airline or Hawaiian Airlines that departs sooner than our Minimum Connection Times allow, your luggage will not be checked to the final destination.

If you encounter any difficulties with the airline or desire to acquire further information about the American Airlines Advance Purchase policy, kindly contact customer service at 800-433-7300 or+1-888-660-0563, and they will exert their utmost efforts to assist you.

How far in advance can I buy American Airlines tickets?

You can book a flight on up to 331 days in advance. Great airline deals can emerge at any moment; nonetheless, the perfect time to organize a trip is 1-3 months beforehand for local trips and 2-8 months beforehand for international travel—unless your voyage is during a major celebration or peak travel period, or you possess exceedingly precise travel dates. In that circumstance, it is advisable to commence searching even earlier.

In general, airlines recommend booking during the opposite season: for peak summer, check around the Christmas holiday, while for Christmas travel, search around the 4th of July.

Can you buy plane tickets in advance?

Yes, you may purchase aircraft tickets in advance. In reality, it's a widespread practice that's frequently advocated for a variety of reasons. It can be cost savings. When tickets are booked in advance, airlines normally offer reduced costs. Ticket costs rise as the departure date approaches, especially during busy travel seasons. You get the choice to choose your best seats accordingly. Booking early increases your chances of obtaining seats on your selected flight. Leaving it till the last minute may result in restricted seat availability or even sold-out flights. Booking ahead of time helps you to plan your vacation better and arrange lodgings, transportation, and activities. It gives reassurance and alleviates last-minute tension.

Airlines frequently present special prices and promotional incentives for early bookers. These offers may include reduced airfare, bundle deals, or additional loyalty points.

What is an advance purchase for airline tickets?

In corporate travel, an advance purchase is frequently included in a company's general travel policy. It specifies how far ahead of time clients should plan and arrange company trips. Historically, this has been fixed around 14 to 21 days before departure, with the notion that the closer you go to the departure date, the higher the price. For more information, you can contact the respected airline's customer support, who will gladly assist you.

How far in advance can you cancel a flight and get a refund?

The ability to cancel a flight and obtain a refund is determined by several criteria, including the airline's policy, the kind of ticket booked, and the time range in which the cancellation is made.

Refundable and non-refundable tickets are the most common types of airline tickets. In most cases, refundable tickets allow you to cancel your flight and obtain a full or partial refund, less any applicable costs. Non-refundable tickets, on the other hand, are less expensive but normally come with stricter cancellation and modification policies.

When you cancel your flight, the ability to obtain a refund generally relies on when you cancel. Many airlines set deadlines for cancellations to be eligible for a refund. These deadlines vary, but for a full refund, they are usually within 24 hours of booking. 

For refundable tickets, some airlines may have more forgiving cancellation rules.

 Even though tickets are refundable, airlines may levy cancellation fees. These costs can vary greatly and may increase as the departure date approaches. Before making a reservation, it is critical to examine the airline's cancellation policy.


Before making or canceling your reservation, please read the terms and conditions published by American Airlines on their official website. Please see the American Airlines Advanced Purchase policy before booking your American Airlines flight. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to get in touch with American Airlines customer service using the information above; they will work hard to assist you and offer you the best answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. It's a way to save on flights by booking in advance.

Ans. You can book up to 11 months ahead of your travel date.

Ans. Yes, early bookings often come with lower fares.

Ans. Some fare types allow changes with a fee.

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