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SkyWest Airlines Ticket Expiration policy

SkyWest Airlines Advance Purchase Policy

SkyWest Airlines is a minor airline based in St. George, Utah, United States. SkyWest is compensated for staffing, operating, and maintaining aircraft utilized on flights planned, promoted, and sold by a partner mainline airline. If you have planned your travel with SkyWest Airlines and your ticket is about to expire because you could not complete your journey, read the SkyWest Airlines Ticket Expiration policy. To know more about it, please read the following content.

SkyWest Airlines is not a regular commercial airline with its routes and ticketing system. SkyWest, on the other hand, is a minor airline that offers code-share flights for many larger airlines. These flights are often advertised using the larger airline's logo and flight numbers rather than SkyWest.

Because SkyWest flights are conducted on behalf of other airlines, the regulations governing ticket expiration, refunds, and other related issues are usually regulated by the policies of the major airline whose brand the flight is marketed under. This implies that if you have a ticket for a SkyWest trip, you must consult the ticket regulations and terms of the major airline through whom you bought the journey.

If you possess a SkyWest-operated flight pass and are concerned about its expiry or require specific details regarding its regulations, we suggest reaching out to the principal airline that sold you the pass. They ought to be capable of providing you with the most precise and current information regarding pass expiry and other pertinent matters.

For more information you can contact the airlines’ customer support at (800) 335-2247 Or +1-888-660-0563 and they will be glad to assist you.

Can I cancel my airline ticket without penalty?

The ability to cancel an airline ticket without penalty is determined by the kind of ticket booked as well as the carrier's unique policy. The following are a few alternatives for canceling a ticket without incurring penalties:

  1. your ticket and receive a full refund. This is frequently mandated by legislation in certain countries, such as the United States. The 24-hour timeframe, however, may vary per airline and may not apply to all price kinds.
  2. If you bought a refundable ticket, you should be able to cancel your flight without penalty and obtain a full or partial refund. Refundable tickets are more costly, but they have more flexible cancellation and modification procedures.
  3. Some airlines have flexible pricing options that allow you to amend or cancel your reservation without incurring hefty penalties. These prices are often more expensive than ordinary non-refundable fares.
  4. In unanticipated circumstances, such as a medical emergency or losing a family member, several airlines may waive cancellation costs. You may be required to present documents to back up your claim.
  5. If you obtained travel insurance, it may cover cancellations for particular reasons such as illness, family situations, or travel limitations.
  6. It's crucial to understand that most non-refundable tickets include cancellation costs that vary based on the airline, price class, and how close to the departure date you cancel. These costs can sometimes be large, reaching or even exceeding the ticket cost.
  7. Many airlines have a 24-hour grace time after booking, during which you can cancel 

Please read SkyWest Airlines Ticket Expiration policy and refund policy before you plan your travel with the airline. 

Is SkyWest owned by Delta?

Delta Air Lines does not own SkyWest, Inc. SkyWest, Inc. is a holding company for small airlines operating in the United States. SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines are its two primary subsidiaries. Under code-sharing agreements, some smaller airlines fly on behalf of bigger carriers.

SkyWest has code-sharing arrangements with many major airlines, including Delta Air Lines, although it is a distinct corporation. Code-sharing agreements allow minor airlines like SkyWest to use big airline flight numbers and branding. This enables large airlines to expand their route networks by linking smaller locations that would otherwise be too expensive to service with their planes.

So, while SkyWest and Delta Air Lines have a code-sharing agreement, SkyWest is not controlled by Delta. 

Does SkyWest sponsor H1B visas?

This page displays the number of H1B visa and green card applications filed by SKYWEST AIRLINES. It covers applications with statuses like certified, refused, and withdrawn. Between 2021 and 2023, SKYWEST AIRLINES submitted 92 LCAs (Labour Condition Applications) and 0 labor certifications. For more information, contact the airlines by visiting their official website or call them at the above number.

Is SkyWest part of American Airlines?

Yes, SkyWest Airlines runs flights on American Airlines' behalf through a code-sharing arrangement. SkyWest, on the other hand, is an independent regional airline not directly controlled by American Airlines. SkyWest is a regional airline for American Airlines, linking smaller locations and providing feeder flights to America's bigger network.

Flights operated by SkyWest on behalf of American Airlines are marketed using American's flight numbers and branding under the code-sharing agreement. This enables American Airlines to provide a greater selection of destinations and itineraries, even in locations where operating its aircraft would be impractical.


Before making or canceling your reservation, please read the terms and conditions SkyWest Airlines provides on its official website. Ensure you read the SkyWest Airlines Ticket Expiration policy before your ticket expires. For more information, you can contact the airline's customer support at the information above, and they will do their best to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. SkyWest Airlines tickets expire based on the fare rules and booking conditions. It's best to check your specific ticket for expiration details.

Ans. Generally, expired tickets are non-refundable. Contact SkyWest Airlines customer service for assistance with specific cases .

Ans. Extension options vary. Reach out to SkyWest Airlines customer support to inquire about extending the validity of your ticket .

Ans. Expired tickets are typically non-transferable. Confirm with the airline's customer service for any exceptional cases .

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